On weekends and holidays (Lazydays) we like to explore and revisit communities and events in Newfoundland and Labrador. This blog is my way of sharing our finds and encouraging visitors and locals to slow down and see it all. I’ll try to only post the positive and this is based on our experience. Hopefully, when you visit, you’ll be just as welcomed and pleased. Enjoy!

June 2013: I’ve been adding hyperlinks (coloured text takes you to web pages or video on youtube) to try to add a bit more to my posts.

If you reply in the box below, it comes to me privately so feel free to ask a question. When you reply, there is also an option to get an email notification to follow our adventures.

There is a search box and the cloud of tag words helps sort into some of the topics I’ve touched on. If you follow us to some of these businesses, mention my blog and tell them Diane and Leo sent you. Maybe they’ll say they are here right now! We’ve had this happen summer of 2015!

*We also had this happen fall 2015 at the Fogo Island Inn!

August 2014: I’m not translating my blog but occasionally I’ve started posting photo essay style en français. http://mesideesaterreneuve.wordpress.com/

May 2015: We’ve created a Facebook Group Newfoundland Iceberg Reports to provide more accurate postings for tourists and residents to see icebergs. You’re welcome to join.

September 2015: I’ve now started a second blog, specific to Fogo Island where we are spending more time. Feel encouraged to check out Find Fogo Island.com

January 2016: I’d planned a blog page to share the Iceberg info from the Newfoundland Iceberg Report Facebook page for the spring. Then, suddenly we have a lovely selection of ENORMOUS icebergs in January so here’s the newest blog! I’m tagging post on this one by peninsula, month and year as well as community names for folks doing travel plans and wondering about where they ‘might’ see icebergs. Information here is a sampling form the fb page.  Because of the nature of the Facebook page, it is instantly accessible to members who are able to share information so that will always be the best source at any time. This blog will help those who do not use Facebook.

Newfoundland Iceberg Reports.com 

Diane Davis





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16 thoughts on “About

  1. Well done Diane – you have a great new hobby indeed.
    I’ll look forward to reading of your travels and experiences – no one can choice locations to visit better than you!


  2. You Inspire me to get moving around this beautiful province…I am gonna get myself a map and be ready for next summer ! I plan to vacation more @ home…


  3. I love digitally stalking my mates!!! I think it is wonderful that you are taking the time to share your life with friends through this medium. You inspire me!! 🙂


  4. I’m already planning my next visit to beautiful Newfoundland, including Fogo Island. I never thought I could feel homesick for a province I lived in for 2 years but we really fell in love with the rugged beauty and charm of Newfoundland. Thanks for sharing these treasures with us!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s all about sharing, as you know Jennifer. I love seeing how many views I get and where they all come from. This is a hobby/passion for me as I love this province and like to show the best of it. Your post and pictures are stunning. Glad to know I helped more people see them.


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