The Land and Sea Tour: Twillingate and Little Harbour

Otto Young was featured on a Land and Sea show this winter and as we watched, we added Little Harbour to our bucket list. Just outside of Twillingate, Little Harbour is a tiny outport. I’m guessing Mr. Young’s Atlantic View Cabins (link) and craft shop are the biggest enterprise and maybe the only business there.


We learned on the tv show that Mr. Young builds model boats, paints Newfoundland scenes and plays the accordion. Tour buses stop regularly for some entertainment and shopping.


When I show people this picture they admire the scenic port. It’s only when I tell them it’s model boats on a rail that they realize these aren’t full sized vessels. Handmade by Otto, these boats are put on display each morning. The detail of his work is precise. On the unpainted boat, there are knives ready to split the cod.
No hooks on the jiggers….that’s illegal now.

Cabin number 3 is recommended by recent visitors as the best view with a deck facing the tiny harbour.
Only minutes from Twillingate, this would be a lovely place to spend a few nights.

9 thoughts on “The Land and Sea Tour: Twillingate and Little Harbour

  1. I loved that show and would like to buy a boat – do you know their price range? Can’t find him on the internet…not a surprise I guess ;-))


    1. Not sure of the price range as it was meal time and they just left the shop open. If you can’t get him by Canada 411 on the internet, check Atlantic View Cottages.youD be lucky to own one, they are true works of art. Good luck!


    2. That fine Man your talking about would be Uncle. Uncle Otto’s hand made/carved boat are a rarity and he ships them all over the world. I can’t be 100% sure on how much he sells them for (Depending on model and how many months he put into it anywhere between $500-1000, ‘do not quote me on that if you talk with him, haha’) but you’d be lucky to get one during the tourist season back home.
      His boats are one thing but his artwork knows no bounds.
      Call him yourself at 709-884-5483. Cheers.


  2. June 23,2013 We visited again today and Otto made 17 boats this winter in spite of a severe heart attack, bi-passes and a lengthy hospital stay! He played the ugly stick and accordion for us and we purchased his cd of Newfoundland and country music! It was a pleasure to meet him and see the spotless cabins with the million dollar view. D.D.


  3. Hello ,We are from Amherst ,n.s. Went to Nfld. in 2009, Our most wonderful place we stayed was at Otto,s My what a wonderful person. My husband bought the ugly stick in his shop, plus a CD of Otto;s . Which we play all the time. We stayed in the hairdresser cabin. Which was special to me as I was a hairdresser for 42 years. Otto came over many times and told stories and had a beer or two. He WAS VERY EXCITED THAT WEEK AS HE HAD FOUND A NEW DAUGHTER, THAT CAME TO VISIT. He was very happy. Plus the rest of his family was so pleased to have found a new sister as well. He is the most wonderful man I have ever met.
    Would like to know how he is doing. Hope to return someday. Chris and Maxine Walker.


    1. We had a nice visit with him last summer. He’d had some medical concerns but was well when we saw him but was not building boats any more. I’m sure if you phoned he’d be up for a chat!


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