Harbour Mille: Hardy by nature

Exploring a new area we like to drive off the main roads and peek at small communities and scenes. This is how we discovered Harbour Mille.


Breath-taking is the first word that comes to mind as I look at the view entering this lovely outport on Fortune Bay. I did a Google search to find out there are about 200 residents, down by half from a hundred years ago but also found a link for adventure tours in the area. Costal Safari site
Weaving through the community we saw kids able to play safely in the streets because everyone knows and keeps an eye out to them. I got out to take this snap of salt cod drying on the line and had to step over a major “dinkie” pile-up. Hope there were no injuries!




Every angle is beautiful here but the beach just outside is amazing. We stopped for a picnic and ended up walking the beach, rock collecting and just really appreciating how good life is. We had the beach to ourselves and a flotilla of lazy gulls and marvelled at the variety of rocks and the amazingly hardy spruce tree growing out of rock.



Pictures just don’t do this day justice but I’m pretty sure we’ll be checking on that tree again someday.

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