Salvage, St. Chads and Burnside: A quick check

We took a quick drive to check for icebergs and capelin. July 3, 2014 image Burnside must double in population when the cabin owners come ‘home’.


A lovely spot to stop and pee. I shared this on Facebook and found out there used to be, and may still be, a guest book!


The St. Brendan’s ferry docks here. Today there was a big line up of transport trucks waiting for capelin.


image There is an excellent Accordion Festival held in Eastport and Salvage in July. On the second Saturday of the festival these stages are home to the Stages of Salvage, an afternoon of entertainment by local and distant musicians. We’re forgoing it this year for the Fogo Island Punt Race on July 19,2014. So much to do! image


Distant icebergs, capelin but not rolling and a nice drive. A plate of nachos and some live tunes by Sheldon McBrierty when we got home to Gander made it a nice evening all around.

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