Island Hopping: Fogo with friends


I’m not sure when Carole and I became Facebook friends but apparently we’ve been cousins for years. She thinks we met in 1972 the last time, and I have to agree because I can’t remember it. Either way, our Facebook sharings have proven what I suspected.

It’s all a Davis thing.

Using our house as one of their stops, Carole and Tim have planned a great trip to various communities in Newfoundland.  After their adventures in Elliston and Port Union, we travelled together to Fogo Island for a weekend.

I suspect that Tim may have a bit of salt water in his veins. For sure, he loves boats and jumped at the chance for a tour of the wheel house of the Captain Earl W. Winsor, the ferry to Fogo Island. The crew was great to show and explain the sonar and radar and answer all questions. Who knew that the ferry is powered by two locomotive engines, for example?

20150627_102417 20150627_102258 20150627_102239

Arriving around 11 a.m. we started with a drive around Stag Harbour. We stopped to see what Harry was building this year. Last year he was building out buildings, a garage with a shop for his carving. As busy as he was today on an extension to his house, he gave us a tour of the shop he’s not getting much time to work in just yet. His wood working is a hobby but I look forward to him having more time and seeing more of his creations.

20150627_105808 20150627_105646

From Stag Harbour we headed to Deep Bay. You can anticipate hearing and seeing more of Deep Bay in the future. We’ve just purchased a tiny home in this small and amazingly beautiful town.  The house will be a project for quite a while, probably because we’ll catch ourselves sitting and staring at the view.


Today, we could see just a hint of a large iceberg peeking over the islands.

In our early morning rush, we forgot our key so we were only able to make imaginary plans for a deck or bridge as we call it here. We did take advantage of the neighbour’s offer to use his bridge and it fits just fine until we build our own.


On to Island Harbour for a quick check in with Cyril and then a peek down Lynch’s Lane to see that the large house there is now under restoration. I’m so excited to see this property saved and look forward to learning about who has it and seeing their plans evolve.

20150627_115723 20150627_115623 20150627_115605

Icebergs were visible from Fogo Battery when we arrived and there was a lovely one framed in the cove at the Lion’s Club RV Park.


I forget how many people I seem to know now until I have folks waiting for me to stop talking. Chatted with Mary Barry on the ferry, ran into the Newfie Nomads waiting to put up their drone at Brimstone Head, chatted with Noel Mount in Tilting. So many friendly faces in the museums, stores and stops.

We made a lunch stop at Mudder’s in Fogo. Large portions and great prices and it was quite busy at 2 in the afternoon. It’s great to see these new businesses starting up and doing well. Clientele were both local and tourists when we were there and the video of Fogo Island and local photographs and art for sale is a nice touch.


Bellies full, we went to the Marconi Wireless site and visited the newest museum on Fogo Island. Brent Gill offered us a tour on his first day working at this site. What a great guide! The tour was casual and informative and because he knows his stuff so well, if we asked questions he was able to offer an answer or a theory and then continue with other exhibits. Although his first summer at this site, he’d worked at the Bleak House two years ago and really does a great job. Go for the tour! It takes about 40 minutes, maybe a bit less because the boy talks fast, but you will easily spend that amount of time reading the exhibits anyway. The tour adds good background and improves understanding  and appreciation of the history and culture of the area.

20150627_151915 20150627_151357 20150627_145839

With a plan to go to a Geology on the Edge presentation at the Film House in the Fogo Island Inn we headed to our rental, Penney’s Vacation Home. Joan gave us the royal treatment and even had fresh bread rolls to welcome us this time! Such a fun and delicious surprise.  Just like the Inn!


Once we got settled in the house and we then headed out to Joe Batts Arm. One of the many unique features of the Fogo Island Inn is that it houses a small theatre called the Fogo Island Film House.

Geologist in Residence, Scott Schillereff spoke about the ocean floor and ocean currents and about icebergs, my favorite topic from April to August for sure.  His information about underwater landslides is very interesting, especially in relationship to oil drilling and exploration. The geology presentations are open to the public with limited seating.


Of course, after such a busy day, we took a break to enjoy an iceberg of another sort. A locally brewed  beverage that was especially nice in the lounge of the Inn with local music and guests from all over.

20150627_201101 20150627_200649

A short stay and a heavy sigh and we were headed for our salt box house in Little Seldom for a late supper and an early turn in.

Sunday breakfast by Tim was topped off with bakeapple jam provided by our host Joan Penney. We packed up and headed out around 10.

For a small population, Fogo Island has a large number of museums. With about 400 years of history on this island, there’s are lots of topics and artifacts for display. Short on time, I picked the Marine Interpretation Centre in Seldom-Come-By.

20150628_110805 20150628_111651

Again, we had a great tour. Covering the more recent history of Fogo Island communities refusing resettlement and creating their own economy by building boats and moving to an off shore fishery, this museum benefits from donations from families and artifacts left to the museum including huge cod liver oil boilers.



Winston and Linda Osmond’s Herring Cove Gallery and Studio had lots of tempting quilts and art but everyone was able to resist…..except me. I love my Heads and Tail bag. I just wish I had a quilt to match.


Icebergs were again at a distance in Tilting and in spite of our short time, Carole insisted on a hike. We were well rewarded on Turpin’s Trail by the view of the Squish Studio.


Although they’d never met before (not even in 1972) Leo and Tim were great traveling buddies.

As a motivator, I told them if they were well behaved, maybe we should go find a cold one. No hésitations from them.


We stopped at Phil’s Shed but it was pretty quiet there in the middle of the afternoon. If we’d gone at 2 a.m. there would have been more action. Maureen was a lovely hostess and showed us around the shed and the various souvenirs and artifacts. There are even shed shirts now!


We had a nice visit and then we went off again looking for something to cool us off.

Somehow, I suspect this wasn’t the “cold one” the boys expected.20150628_145711

Ice cream. It’s a Davis thing.

Thanks Carole and Tim for sharing the weekend with us.



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