Accordion Festival

The 9th Annual Roy Babstock Beaches Accordion Festivalimage

Our summer holidays and love of traditional music finally aligned to allow us to attend the Afternoon at the Salvage Stages as one of the many events of this amazing festival. Stages 1 video
This event was sheltered in a series of eight working fishing stages. Equipment sheds for fishing gear, located on wharves are called stages in Newfoundland and Labrador. The Old Man and the Old Woman played by Larry Young from GanderEnsembles ranging from 2 to 5 musicians entertained festival goers. Visitors wandered from stage to stage for over two hours of traditional music played by a amateur and professional musicians.image
Loss of the Marion written by Bud Davidge of the band Simani
In the evening we attended the Best of the Province, Part ll concert at the Beaches Heritage Centre in Eastport. This was the 6th of a seven concert series from July 13 to 22, 2012.
This concert featured Fergus O’Byrne and his son Fergus Brown O’Byrne, Neil Oldford and Dil Reid amount others. image

Frank and Dilmon and more


PS 2015

My friend Linda has a lovely rental house now in Burnside which would be very convenient for attending the festival.   Check out The Raspberry House  if you are interested in staying the area.

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