The Gills-A Little Musical

This local theatre troupe demonstrates the wit and humor that makes Newfoundlanders famous. A truly silly premise is developed into a two act musical with a cast of nine very talented actors.
Political and pop culture is mixed with a love story gone bad in an original script by Jamie Harding. Short clip referencing the Newfoundland head of Scouts Canada
Original songs by Leslie Hewlett are delivered well, especially by the (real) women.
Even in his falsetto, the actor playing Dini does a great job too, if you can hear him over the laughter. The two men playing female roles are hilarious. The audience was doubled over with laughter.
Physical comedy and great writing are evident if you can listen fast enough because there is a lot on the go.


Beyond the Overpass theatre has been performed from a lovely small theatre in Hotel Gander for the past two years, I think. In addition to evening plays, this troupe also does a nightly dinner theatre.List of plays 2012


Based on tonight’s performance, we won’t hesitate to attend another show, probably a comedy or dinner theatre. Everyone needs a good laugh. There are several shows including a series featuring the Gill family adventures and the unique personality if Dini. Dini Partridgeberry Gill

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