Kings Point Pottery and area

King’s Point is a destination every couple of years.

About a three hour drive from Gander, it’s my go to place to add to my collection of pottery by Linda Yates. Kings Point Pottery link


The community of Kings Point is a great place for whale watching if your timing is right. image
There is also a whale interpretation site featuring a whale skeleton. This site is named after Dr. Jon Lien, a renowned whale researcher from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Dr. Lien was known for teaching how to free whales entangled in fishing gear. Dr. Jon Lien Humpback whale Pavilion

The cafe across from King’s Point Pottery serves delicious home cooked meals and again, if your timing is right, a great Jiggs Dinner on Sunday. Our timing was off but the fishcakes were delicious!image

Yes, that’s homemade bread and homemade pickles. You should see the desserts. They also rent rooms including a Jacuzzi suite over the restaurant. cafe and resort

This year we ventured through the community and stopped at the Rattlin Brook Falls. fallsWater was low but the trails are well maintained and beautiful. The hardiness of the Newfoundland black spruce is evident.



Of course, all of this travel needs a great souvenir!image


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