Shawn Silver Irish Dancer


Looking forward to attending the opening ceremonies of Gambo Days tomorrow.Event list This is a great festival that includes loggers competition using both new and old technologies and skills.
We’re heading out to see my buddy Shawn do his Irish thing!  Shawn, Paddy’s Day 2012 video
Shawn is a professional Irish Dancer and has just completed a few months n Australia, dancing across the country and doing his amazing idance schools. idance Australia students
In the fall of 2011, he lead an ArtSmart program for Grade 4 students at Gander Academy. Over a series of 2 or 3 day trips from St. John’s he taught 7 groups of students, over 120 kids, Irish Dances. The program cummulated with a performance by the various classes and a group of students picked from each class. The 8 different dances were correographed by Shawn and then he danced for the parent audience.
Activities were integrated into the Gr. 4 curriculum including study of Celtic design, learning about the Book of Kells and comparing Ireland and Newfoundland as we explored Irish geography, history and music.
Shawn and his dancers participate in numerous festivals and events across the Island and according to his web page, there’s even a possibility of lessons for tourists! Shawn Silver web page


Shawn et al. Gambo 2012 video

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