Staying at Cyril’s: Island Harbour, Fogo Island


There’s one in every family and Cyril is one!
He’ll say and do anything for a laugh and there’s never a dull moment! We’ve spent a few days in the McKenna home in Island Harbour visiting around and getting some fish. Exactly how to get to Cyril’s house, 3 min video of Island Harbour

When Cyril and Leo were growing up they had a hundred children in the garden to play with. Ball, cowboys and Indians and hockey in winter. No trouble to get enough for a game but the truly remarkable part is that all those kids were either a BROTHER or a FIRST COUSIN.
Rita Squires married Leo McKenna and added ten men to the census records!
Ten boys raised in a small house. Rita McKenna deserves medal!
Sylvester McKenna, “uncle Sylvie” had 11 children.

Cyril and cousin Ron video

Island Harbour probably only has about 160 residents now, unlike the hundred cousins in the garden in the 1950s. Community profile and statistics link
Cousins, children, nieces and nephews come home on holidays when they can and share stories of the “goings on” from the past and compare where they are now and how they find it. Everyone looks forward to being home and a good feed.

With the food fishery open, it’s easy to see a punt coming or going on a good day. A limit of 5 cod per person to a maximum of 15 per boat means it takes a few trips to have enough fish for the winter.

Of course, when the fish are big, the trip seems more worthwhile.

I didn’t hear a sound as the boys left at 5 a.m. but did see them coming in just behind a couple of other boats. Cyril and Leo arriving in the punt video One group at a time took turns filleting their fish and telling fish stories between out bursts of foolishness from Cyril as he puffed away on his birthday cigar.image

Once the tongues were cut out for mother (cutting out tongues, a delicacy for Mrs. McKenna to enjoy in Ontario this winter: video) and the fish was filleted, Cyril topped up our fish with his and said he’d get more another day. Lots of folks get a meal of fish from Cyril or a gallon of berries. He’s someone you can call to help push out your boat or make a trip to the dump but don’t count on getting anything from the fridge……he brags about only keeping a lightbulb there.Video pushing out punt 1
Video pushing out 2


Thanks Cyril for the bunk and the fish and those great cooked breakfasts! Happy 53rd!


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