“If this town were a body; it would be skin and bones”

A lyric by J.P.Cormier from his song Great Harbour Deep.

Cormier saw an NTV story about the resettlement of this community and was inspired to write a song that brought tears to my eyes as it was sung by Shanneygonock tonight.

You missed it.

Amazing Newfoundland band playing to a half empty (half full for the optimist) Joseph R. Smallwood Arts and Culture Centre theatre in Gander.

What a wonderful evening.

Wish you were there. They probably do too.

I’m straying from my posts about communities and sights to see because there are many ways to experience Newfoundland and music is one of my favorites.

According to some reading I’ve done, Chris Andrews and Mark Hiscock, the front men for Shanneygonock got double booked in a St. John’s pub and ended up playing the gig together. What a lucky coincidence for lovers of Irish and traditional music. We’ve heard them in concerts, at festivals, in clubs and at the Arts and Culture Centres.

This is a CD release tour for Rockin’ on the Water available on iTunes and in music stores now. They played the whole album and I’m stuck to pick a favorite. Great Harbour Deep is a beautifully written song by Cape Breton’s, J. P. Cormier. Maybe I’ve heard it before, but I’ve never heard it like I did tonight.

Here’s a video clip I found on line.

Great Harbour Deep

Rockin’ on the Water is good fun. Written by Angus Stewart from Ramea it’s a catchy tune and cute storyline and makes a great album title. Mark’s accordion just begs for you to dance to it.

Mark is an amazing accordion player. There were at least three accordions on stage tonight but he’s also got a great and unique voice. I just can’t figure out when he breathes singing the many songs with fast running lyrics. His original song, The Doryman sounds like a traditional song in it’s lyrics and style but it’s brand spanking new. With these guys, everything new is old again!

And of course, because they want to keep and maintain traditional songs, everything old is new again too.

The Little Boats of Newfoundland and the Anti-Confederate Song (which Chris emphasized didn’t support their views but was an important element of the Confederation debate) were amazing to hear.

Had Andrew’s been singing that song at the time, we might not be a province now! He’s got that kind of voice and passion.

From Eddie Coffey’s Grey Foggy Day to Bruce Springsteen’s If I should fall behind, this was an excellent show and is a great album.

If you get the chance, check both out!

Glad I was there. Thanks to you all for a great show.

iTunes Rockin’ on the Water

PS Chris owns Erin’s Pub, Water Street, St. John’s. A great venue for live music. We especially like the traditional Irish sessions on Fri and Sat evening. Various traditional instruments and musicians ‘jam’ while clients feel like voyeurs looking on a private party.

Here’s their Arts And Culture tour schedule to promote their new CD Rockin’ On The Water….
Nov.2 Gander
Nov.3 Grand Falls
Nov.4 Stephenville
Nov.5 CornerBrook
Nov.6 Labrador City
Nov.7 Churchill Falls
Nov.8 GooseBay

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